We're lean, agile and have a history of successful endeavors together. We're bringing our passion for technology and combined experience of AAA game development, R&D, Legal and Blockchain to Bitjoy.

Lynn Duke

Chief Technology Officer

My past work spans a large spectrum including blockchain, gaming, AR mobile applications, machine learning, and computer vision. I spent many years in the console gaming industry where I specialized in graphics programming and game engine technology for XBOX and PlayStation at companies like THQ and Atari.

With 20 years of software development behind me, I'm 100% focused on blockchain technology and future use cases within gaming.

Marshall Womack

Chief Creative Officer

With a background of 20 years in game design for companies such as id Software, Midway, Microsoft Game Studios most recently Occulus Studios, I bring my passion for game development to Bitjoy.

I’m interested in expanding gaming experiences in new directions and leveraging the possibilities for gamers to earn true value from their gameplay and social game experiences.

Chris Haines

Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer of Bitjoy, I am highly focused on our strategic direction and the partnerships that will unite the blockchain and gaming ecosystems to create truly cogent and immersive experiences.

I have spent the last decade crafting strategy and building partnerships with leading tech companies, defense contractors and federal regulators. I could not be more excited to leverage my skillset to merge the power of blockchain with the explosive growth of the gaming industry.

Sarah Krause

Community Manager

I believe the live stream gaming arena is evolving. Coupled with blockchain technology, Bitjoy will bring new forms of real-time interaction to gaming.

I bring with me the knowledge from 12 years in the legal world as a Senior Paralegal specializing in Litigation, Criminal Defense, Contracts and Life Settlements. From the in-house legal team at Whole Foods Market to smaller boutique firms, I've developed an eye for detail and a drive to over-communicate making my role as Community Manager a natural fit!