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A platform for tokenized gameplay and interaction in live game streams.

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Live game streaming has become a hugely-popular social experience accounting for incredible amounts of web traffic with millions of people not only playing online together, but watching other people play.

Platforms like Amazon’s Twitch, Microsoft’s Mixer and new contenders from Facebook and Google are showing us the future of live entertainment where unique gaming experiences are created, curated, and commented on by communities and spectators all over the world.

50+ Billion Minutes

of live game streams are watched every month.

$500,000+ USD

per month earned by celebrity streamers with some records approaching 7 figures.

More Viewers

watch live game streams online than watch HBO, Netflix and ESPN combined.

Introducing Bitjoy

Bitjoy is a decentralized platform and token-based protocol that incentivizes new models of interactive gameplay between live game streamers and their viewers. Using Blockchain, digital tokens, and smart contracts, Bitjoy enhances interaction by creating economic incentives within the game experience and backing them with real-world, tokenized value. That value can be safely transmitted, aggregated and acted upon by the game code in real-time.

Lack of Interaction

Today, interaction between the streamer and viewer is limited to text and voice chat, emotes, donation widgets, and fragmented reward systems.
Engagement between the live game streamer and their viewing audience is a largely unexplored facet - especially within the context of the game world. In addition, limited means of communication during live streams and slow, expensive payment processors has prevented innovation in real-time value transfer and ownership amongst players.

Bitjoy Improves Engagement

Underpinning the Bitjoy Platform is a token called the “POWER” token. During gameplay, viewers send POWER tokens to cause real-time changes in gameplay and the live stream.
POWER tokens are much more than a means of transaction - they are a form of collateral that represents a viewer’s stake in communal gameplay mechanics - opening the door for new economic incentives, new types of cooperative gameplay, the ability for the viewers to earn based on the player’s performance, and much more.

Communal Gameplay Mechanics

Streamers and viewers interact through new types of community-wide game mechanics that can involve entire viewing audiences. Some examples include:
  • Game item enhancements and power ups
  • Cooperative play scenarios
  • Competition between streamer and viewers
  • Wagering on game outcome, player achievements and other game events
  • Community-driven games / viewer-only games (i.e., no streamer at all)
  • Investing in players with tokens to earn loot when player earns loot
  • Creation of non-fungible, powered game items that can be sold/rented to others
  • Rewards for viewership and loyalty

Viewers are the new Players

Game developers can reach and build for a brand-new addressable market - the live game stream viewer.
Connecting socially via game walk-throughs, cooperative play sessions, and innovative, community wide game mechanics, gamers get the chance to bond over the gameplay they love in a setting they feel comfortable in.

Our Whitepaper

Dive deeper into the Bitjoy Platform, POWER Protocol, live streaming market size and more in our whitepaper.

Charge the Dragon Blade

Try out a demo! We'll handle all the blockchain stuff by creating your keys and sending you some POWER tokens to play with. Please keep in mind this demo is running on the EOS testnet and that means the private keys and tokens are all temporary. They're worth nothing and aren't redeemable for anything.

Step 1

Create an EOS account on CryptoKylin Testnet.

Step 2

Wait for your private key to be generated and 5,000 POWER tokens to appear below.


Step 3

Click below to send POWER tokens to the dragon blade!